OpenAPI Data App usage
Using the IDS SCSN Framework consists of two scenarios: as service that is acting as client, as service that is acting as server. Both scenarios will in practice be implemented in SCSN, e.g. when creating an order the system is acting as client and when asynchronously receiving an order response the system is acting as server. The main focus is the SCSN API, this page describes how the backend can interface with the OpenAPI data app (acting as client) and how the OpenAPI data app interfaces with the configured backend (acting as server)


As client, the backend system calls the OpenAPI Data App of its own connector. By providing the Forward-ID and Forward-Sender headers, for respectively the SCSN ID of the intended receiver and the SCSN ID of the sender of the message.
The endpoint of the OpenAPI Data App for these requests depends on the deployment but in general it is http://{{OPENAPI_DATA_APP}}:8080/openapi. This endpoint requires as first path variable the version of the OpenAPI you want to access, e.g. 0.4.6 for the SCSN API, and this is the base URL of the request, so specific OpenAPI endpoints should be appended to this URL.
An example for creating an order following version 0.4.6 is:
POST http://{{OPENAPI_DATA_APP}}:8080/openapi/0.4.6/order


As server, the OpenAPI data will call the backend server based on the configuration of the backend. In general this call follows the OpenAPI specification with depending on the configuration the intended received ID and/or API version prepended to the API call.
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